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Horse Hoof Anatomy – A Beginner’s Guide

The horse’s hoof is a miracle of engineering. It contains a whole host of structures which, when healthy, operate in equilibrium with each other to form a hoof capsule which is able to withstand huge forces, utilising energy to assist with forward movement while providing protection to the sensitive structures beneath. This is not a definitive guide, but it will allow the horse owner to understand more about this incredible structure. EXTERNAL STRUCTURES This newly trimmed section of hoof gives you a good idea of what the different structures of the hoof wall and sole look like.  On a white foot, the differences are much less easy to spot. Sole The sole is the area inside the white line, but not including the bars and frog. It’s primary function is to protect the sensitive structures beneath the sole. However, the outer perimeter of sole around the toe also provides support, sharing some of the weight of the horse with the hoof wall. White Line Commonl

H-Max / RFid Ear Tag

Our innovation strategy and our design processes are clearly defined to guarantee advanced, innovative products designed as a solution in the veterinary market. H- Max 4 Vet RFid Ear Tags Briefly Introduction H-Max4Vet provides your wanted RFID animal ear tag. Our animal tag adopts the over molding process, which is waterproof and anti-shedding. Our animal tag uses environmentally friendly material, which is non-poisonous to animals. It is widely used in many areas and could be made into various size and shape by your demands. Our products line covered RFID non-standard plastic tag, animal ear tag, ther RFID products with growing technology and applications in this area. RFiD ear tag for cattle. Main uses: Monitoring management, animal identification, animal husbandry, animal quarantine control, slaughter management, weight gain management, milk production management, genetics management (AI management and isemination), etc. Specification Details Produc

H-Max / Cubensis

H - Max / Cubensis, Formulated from concentrated extract of Tarantula Cubensis. In each ml (active ingredients): Concentrated extract of Tarantula Cubensis ....... 1mg.  .............(Active Ingredient) Vehicle .................................................................... 1ml.   ..............(Inert Ingredients) Veterinary use Made in Australia by Laboratories PTY LTD 108 Rutherrford Rd Eastown NSW 2250 Australia Distributed by Animal Pharm Laboratories Chacabuco 381 (1650) San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tel. (011) 4835-8132. H-Max / Cubensil is a homeopathic remedy prepared from the spider Tarantula Cubensis. The whole spider was treated and diluted in 59% inert ingredients and registered following the rules of the "Pharmacopoeia germanica". Indications for H-Max / Cubensil are based on the "drug pictures" referred to in homeopathic literature and rules. H-Max / Cubensil stimulates the demarcation of necrotic tissue in in