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Mechanisms of action, Equine hoof anatomy

  The anatomy of the hoof and its mechanisms of action impart unique abilities to the horse Tough and resistant yet malleable and elastic; hard like rock yet full of life and cellular activity; streamlined and compact yet able to withstand and cushion massive forces, the equine hoof is an incredibly complex structure. It supports up to three times the horse’s weight yet is light enough to allow swift strides at a full gallop. Packed with several soft tissue types and an impressive network of blood vessels, it’s the fruit of millions of years of unique evolutionary design. No other animal walks on a single digit, or toe, making the equine hoof a truly exceptional piece of anatomy. In this article we’ll explore the inner workings of this special body part. Function 1:  Shock Absorption If you didn’t have shock absorbers on your car, you’d be in for a jarring ride. In fact, you’d probably step out of that car feeling pretty sore, with your body having taken on many of the forces of contac

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